With misogynistic references to violence against women and vicious, racist attacks against distinguished African-American community leaders -- along with regular baseless smears against nearly 60 teachers, academics, journalists, lawyers, business professionals, civic leaders, civil rights leaders, and clergy members -- Bill and Angie Villa's "Lehigh Valley Somebody" has become known as one of the region's most vile hate blogs.

Bill Villa Welshes on $3.1 Mil "Lie Bounty."

Can't put his money where his mouth is!
"Foes List" Victims Say ENOUGH! to Bill Villa's Violent References and Threats

Bill Villa "Jokes" About "Bitch Slapping" of Female Asst. DA in Sick Doctored Photo on His Hate Blog

Allebach Communications Bars Bill Villa from "Foes List" Abuses on Company Time

Bill Villa's Victims United Kicks-Off Awareness Campaign Featuring E- and Snail- Mail Alerts for Food and Beverage Industry

WAEB VP: Villa writes all his blog's comments himself under false names.
VICTIMS: Isn't 62 too old for imaginary friends?

Drunk Driver Bill Villa Demands Records of Fellow DUIs... But Frantically Tries to Hide His Own!

Bill Villa & Robert LaBarre: A Tale of Two Drunk Drivers (And a Drug Addict) The Tragic Roots of Bill Villa's Mania

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Bill Villa's Malicious Lies, Half-Truths, Innuendo, and References to Violence: The "Foes List"

Bill Villa’s Malicious Lies, Half-Truths, Innuendo, and References to Violence: The “Foes List”
Bill Villa publishes on the web his “Foes List” of nearly 60 teachers, academics, journalists, lawyers, business professionals, civic leaders, civil rights leaders, and clergy members throughout his community. There he smears them with lies, half-truths, and innuendo and menaces them with ever-increasing references to violence. (See his blog Lehigh Valley Somebody and “Bill Villa’s References to Violence” in the right column of this page).

He does so because of his delusional belief that his “Foes List” victims are arrayed in a vast conspiracy against him in support of the Lehigh County District Attorney and a suit the DA has brought against him.
Bill Villa (a former long-time illegal drug abuser, alcoholic, and ARD drunk driver) strives to have his delusional, unfounded online attacks appear, as he puts it, “frequently and prominently” on the first pages of Google searches so as to damage to the broadest extent possible the personal and professional reputations of his “Foes List” victims.

Mr. Villa works in the advertising industry and is Creative Director at food and beverage advertising agency Allebach Communications, Souderton PA.
Bill Villa's Reputation Vandalism
Induction into Bill Villa’s “Foes List” and the ensuing lengthy smear campaign against the victim, their family, and associates generally results from “disobeying” Villa's “order” to do one or more of the following:

  • Publish (or not publish) an article addressing his “cause”
  • Comment (or not comment) in a particular venue
  • Express (or not express) a particular opinion
  • Discontinue a business or personal relationship with a member of his “Foes List”
  • Fire an employee who has become the focus of his ire for failure to comply with any of the above
Bill Villa’s pathology includes one or more of the following:
  • He first contacts a victim with his abusive false accusations and demand(s). He has also threatened victims with violence -- for example asserting that he is weighing whether to attack with "brass knuckles or bare knuckles."
  • When rebuffed, Bill Villa issues a threat to place his victim on his “Foes List” and details the manner in which he intends to damage his victim’s personal and professional reputation -- promising, in his words, "frequent and prominent" appearance of his baseless accusations on the first pages of Google searches for the victim’s name and/or employer.
  • The lies, half-truths, and innuendo to which Bill Villa subjects his victims are bizarre and varied, but a common theme is for Bill Villa to project his own failings onto his victims. For example:
    • He baselessly accuses many of his victims of being alcoholics -- while in fact he himself is a known alcoholic and ARD drunk driver
    • He has made false claims that the spouse of a victim has left him/her -- while in fact he himself is a divorced man.
    • He has made false claims that a victim is failing in his/her career/business - while in fact his business, À la carte Advertising, failed in 2015 forcing him to accept a near-entry-level position at 62 years of age.
For an indefinite period after induction into his “Foes List”, Bill Villa will carry out attacks on the reputation of the victim and in many cases the victim’s family (especially female family members) and associates.

Bill Villa has often contacted his victim’s employer and demanded that the victim be fired without cause. When the employer refuses, the employer is then added to the list and smeared along with the victim. This, for example, is how most of the college Presidents in Villa’s community have come to be included on his “Foes List”

When Bill Villa receives a response from his victim in protest and rebuttal, he publishes the victim’s comments entirely out of context, significantly edited, and often with considerable rewrite on his blog so as to portray the victim and his response in a negative false light. He then falsely claims that the victim is “stalking” him, “harassing” him, or “torturing a grieving family.”

If a “Foes List” victim rebuts Bill Villa's baseless accusations in another forum, Mr. Villa claims he has been "libeled" and again accuses his victim of "torturing a grieving family" and often threatens frivolous legal action in retaliation. Hence he has come to commonly be referred to as a "crybully."

Bill Villa's “Foes List” has grown to include victims who have never even spoken to nor met him.

As early as 2010, Bill Villa’s ever increasing abuse became so pervasive that The Allentown Morning Call (a Tribune Publishing newspaper) felt compelled to cover his abuses’ damaging effect on the community and exposed Villa and his underhanded tactics:

New Name for Enemies List by Bill White

Since the article's publication, Bill Villa’s abuses have metastasized to their current appalling state. Even innocent bystanders are viciously smeared in this fashion simply because they refused Mr. Villa's demand to fire a member of his “Foes List”, or because they maintain a business or personal relationship with a “Foes List” member, or simply because they speak out on political issues (entirely unrelated to Bill Villa) in a forum of which Mr. Villa does not approve.

Even after a decade of continually spewing entirely unfounded accusations of criminal wrongdoing against the nearly 60 members of his “Foes List”, the sixty-two year old Bill Villa has yet to produce a single shred of even remotely credible, actionable evidence...
Against anyone...
For any crime... Of any kind...

And yet he compulsively continues his baseless accusations and increasingly ominous references to violence.
Bill Villa, himself a ARD drunk driver who for many years was a deeply troubled alcoholic and illegal drug abuser, suffered the tragic death of his daughter as a passenger of a drunk driver in a 2006 DUI-related crash -- those factors together almost certainly contributing to his current deranged and belligerent behavior.
Bill Villa's Ominous References to Violence and Intimidation
In addition to lies, half-truths, and innuendo, Bill Villa increasingly uses references to violence in an attempt to intimidate his “Foes List” victims:
  1. Bill Villa doctored a photo of a female Assistant District Attorney to make it appear that she had just been physically assaulted and injured by superimposing a livid red handprint indicating a smack mark on her face. Then, in an appalling display misogyny and hate, he “joked” that she had been “bitch slapped”
  2. Bill Villa has emailed a family member of a “Foes List” victim questioning whether he should attack the victim "with bare knuckles or brass knuckles" for suggesting that Villa's kind, gentle, universally loved and admired daughter would be ashamed of his belligerent behavior and malicious hate blog -- and that Villa's actions dishonored her memory.
  3. Another “Foes List” victim received an email from Bill Villa saying that he was "certain" that "God" was "on that" to bring about the victim's "slow and ugly death" and closed with a phrase around the victim "chugging cheap wine in hell with [the name of a member of the victim's family] soon." Immediately after this, as a chilling coda, Bill Villa quoted fictional serial killer Hannibal Lecter on his blog.
  4. Bill Villa has indicated on his Facebook page that he believes there is an effort on the part of Lehigh County District Attorney James Martin and Sprague & Sprague (one of the country’s leading law firms) to “bait” him to, referring to an affiant and potential witness in a case brought against him by the District Attorney, "punch the nose out through the back of his head".
  5. Bill Villa has stalked a “Foes List” victim and reported on his blog “Lehigh Valley Somebody” the exact time he was following the victim along with the victim’s exact location and apparel (down to the type of backpack) on an early morning walk. In the same post he mentioned the victim’s wife by name, strongly implying that she was home alone.
  6. Bill Villa has exposed on the web the personal contact information of a victim's younger sister, a single woman living alone who had never had a conflict with Villa in any way. Scribd.com’s legal team removed the invasion of privacy having deemed it presented a provocative danger to her.
Despite the "conspiracy” on the part of of his “Foes List” victims being entirely of Mr. Villa’s imagining, the damage to the reputations and peace-of-mind of his victims and their families is very real.

With his abuses continuing to become more and more bizarre and extreme, Bill Villa, Creative Director at Allebach Communications in Souderton PA, has been twice ordered by his employer Jamie Allebach, Chief Executive and Creative Officer. to cease his “Foes List” abuses on company time. If you are a “Foes List” victim being attacked online by Bill Villa during standard business hours, direct all inquiries to Jamie Allebach, Chief Executive and Creative Officer, Allebach Communications, Souderton PA.

Obviously, anyone associating with Bill Villa on a personal or professional basis should exercise extreme caution and take all proper precautions. At the first sign of trouble, it would be prudent for these individuals to share their concerns with their local police department and, if engaged in a professional interaction with Bill Villa, also share those concerns with his employer Jamie Allebach, Chief Executive and Creative Officer at Allebach Communications.

Because anyone can be added to Bill Villa's “Foes List” for the most trivial or imagined “offenses”, anyone even remotely in Mr. Villa’s orbit (and their family and associates) is at risk for a sustained, vicious smear campaign and threats of violence.
We are striving to ensure these rebuttals and this information resource appear in Google searches as frequently and prominently as do Mr. Villa’s baseless attacks.
For many years, Bill Villa's baseless attacks and delusional conspiracy theories were tolerated by his victims and the community at large out of compassion and pity for his loss. Finally, however, after a decade of lies, half truths, innuendo, and references to violence, the time has come to put a stop to Mr. Villa's continued abuse of so very many entirely decent, law-abiding members of his community. His daughter's tragic and tragically needless death has become an excuse for his compulsion to launch vindictive, unsubstantiated attacks against accomplished, successful, and highly productive members of his community -- not the cause of it.

We cannot stress enough that we are not in any way here to vindictively take retribution against Bill Villa. Our hope is that he will remove from the web his “Foes List” and all associated attacks on us so that we can, in turn, remove this information resource site from the web.

We want nothing more than for Bill Villa to put his decade of hate, obsessive abuse, and violent references behind him and rejoin the community as a peaceful, productive citizen.

If you or someone you know are a victim of Bill Villa and his lies, half truths, innuendo, and references to violence...

Join us.