With misogynistic references to violence against women and vicious, racist attacks against distinguished African-American community leaders -- along with regular baseless smears against nearly 60 teachers, academics, journalists, lawyers, business professionals, civic leaders, civil rights leaders, and clergy members -- Bill and Angie Villa's "Lehigh Valley Somebody" has become known as one of the region's most vile hate blogs.

Bill Villa Welshes on $3.1 Mil "Lie Bounty."

Can't put his money where his mouth is!
"Foes List" Victims Say ENOUGH! to Bill Villa's Violent References and Threats

Bill Villa "Jokes" About "Bitch Slapping" of Female Asst. DA in Sick Doctored Photo on His Hate Blog

Allebach Communications Bars Bill Villa from "Foes List" Abuses on Company Time

Bill Villa's Victims United Kicks-Off Awareness Campaign Featuring E- and Snail- Mail Alerts for Food and Beverage Industry

WAEB VP: Villa writes all his blog's comments himself under false names.
VICTIMS: Isn't 62 too old for imaginary friends?

Drunk Driver Bill Villa Demands Records of Fellow DUIs... But Frantically Tries to Hide His Own!

Bill Villa & Robert LaBarre: A Tale of Two Drunk Drivers (And a Drug Addict) The Tragic Roots of Bill Villa's Mania

!!!Breaking News!!!
(click here for all)
* Three Time Criminal Defendant and Ex Drug Addict Bill Villa and His Wife Arcangel “Angie” Villa Endanger a Teacher and Children On Their Hate Blog More Here...
* B. V. V. U. to Spotlight Bill and Arcangel "Angie" Villa's Vicious Online Attacks on Esteemed African-American Leaders More Here...
* Drunk Driver Bill Villa Lies About His Own DUI Records ...While Demanding the DUI Records of Others More Here...
* Ex Long-Time Drug Addict Bill Villa Obsessively Stalking B.V.V.U. More Here...
* Bill Villa Still Refuses to Answer Any Questions About Smears and References to Violence On His Hate Blog More Here...

Today's Top Story:

Look for Our Devastating Exposé:

* Do You Associate With Allebach Communications' Creative Director Bill Villa?

* What Steps Are You Taking to Keep Yourself, Your Employees, and Your Families Safe From His "Foes List" Smears, Threats, and Abuse?

* Want to Talk About It In Our Upcoming Documentary?

Bill Villa's Victims United Awareness Campaign Launch

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